How to download and install Lilith on Windows

Lilith only supports Windows 10 or 11.

Applying for Lilith

At this time you need to apply for Lilith in the Discord server before using it.

Find this button within the #apply-here channel of and fill out the fields in order to apply.

Download Lilith

Download the latest version of Lilith from the website.

Running Lilith

Run Lilith by double clicking on the launcher executable from within your Downloads folder. It may be necessary to exclude Lilith from your antivirus software, or tell Windows to Run Anyway.

Double click on the authorization link and press Ctrl+C to copy. Paste into a browser and authorize with Discord in order to verify your Lilith acceptance.

Once you've verified with Discord, you can proceed to using and configuring Lilith.

Using LilithConfiguring Lilith

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