Miscellaneous Commands


Gives you a clickable link to open the Lilith config panel.

/fakechat <message>

Lets you create a fake chat message using color codes.


Sends you to limbo. Only works in lobbies.

/lnick <nickname> <target>

Allows you to whitelist the nicknames of your party members. When used without a target, manually whitelists your own nickname. However, this is now done automatically by Lilith.

/nododge <target> [duration]

Allows you to temporarily whitelist a player from being dodged. The default duration is 24 hours.


Allows you to cancel an automatic requeue after you dodge into a lobby.


Allows you to requeue your current or last-played game.


Allows you to reset your authentication cache for troubleshooting purposes

/status <target>

Allows you to view the Hypixel status of a player.

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