Lilith offers two types of queuestats that are supported across different gamemodes.

Chat Stats

Chat stats are the most versatile type of queuestats and support showing many more stats with more options for specific gamemodes. You can see either overall stats or specific gamemode stats, automatically adjusted for the gamemode you're playing.

Custom Ranks like [NEA] are disabled by default when statchecking

Chat stats are supported for Duels, Bedwars, and Wool Wars.

Tab Stats

Tab stats are more manageable for larger lobbies of people and allow you to choose when you see stats. Currently, the stats shown are not customizable, but you can choose whether or not to continue showing stats after the game starts.

Tab stats for Bedwars show the player's formatted star and their overall FKDR.

Tab stats for Skywars show the player's formatted star and their overall KDR.

If stats don't show for a player within a second, they are likely nicked. You should also see an alert about nicked players in chat.

Tab stats for Wool Wars show the player's formatted star and their total number of wins.


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